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  1. vorig jaar

    Dear community,

    In a project I am currently doing, we, a group of students from the Netherlands, are interested in experiences of tiny house owners with wind. In particular, we are interested in any problems that arise when someone is traveling with their tiny house. For our project, we are constructing solutions for wind problems and are now mainly focussing on tiny houses as these have an increasing popularity among people nowadays.

    As a solution, we came up with a small device which can be kept in the house. This device will provide a traveling house owner with wind information in a specific area or place. Might some area have a high risk of gusts or gales, the device will tell the traveler that there could be a problem, and will ideally suggest a better location nearby to stay. Our question to house owners is if you would be interested in such a solution.

    On top of this, we are very much interested in other weather-related problems which you get to cope with as an owner of a tiny house. We are interested to hear your stories such that we can gather en solid knowledge on your experience.

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Kind regards,

    Boy Raaijmakers

  2. and will ideally suggest a better location nearby to stay.

    I would think such a device is less interesting when the house is stationary. I haven't heard of any problems, even with really strong gales. The problems with wind mostly arise when the house is moving. F.i. a tiny house recently tipped over during transport due to a strong gale in an unfortunate location. So suggesting an alternative route would be more interesting.
    When you are completely off grid having to deal with a long stretch of draught can be a real problem. I can imagine some clever weather models combined with probability formulas could help better manage ones water stock.
    If you'de like more reactions I would suggest you communicate in Dutch. Not everybody is comfortable writing in English.


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