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    wo 29 mrt 2017 19:55:31 CEST

    Hi, looks great! Can you please send a bit more info about dimensions of floor, wall and roof studs used for frame? I am currently wondering which dimensions to use in floor to incorporate 8-10cm of insulation (hemp) (which i hope would be enough...) and to keep whole structure light and mainly stable during towing. thanks.

  2. di 28 mrt 2017 08:35:47 CEST

    I personally do not like caravans, even i am sure there are 4 seasons caravans. And I think, you can use TH for both Camping and Living or even more :D As personal art studio, garden cottage, even hairdresser studio if you want , and i have even seen Tiny Sauna on wheels ;) So there are so many opportunities to use it afterwards, when you done with your living there, and your family grows (and thats main point of course, thats why we go with 7 and more meters, to be able comfortably live)... So i agree with you that I am going to use it for living mainly, however it s not limited to it.
    And "TH Hotel" can be very interesting place to start if you have doubts about how it feels to live Tiny, or you can't simply imagine how big that space is for day to day living.

  3. ma 27 mrt 2017 17:33:48 CEST

    Hi Erik
    Those are great news. I am currently making my own budget list and 3D SketchUp model for my own TH. This year i want to spent on preparation and early next year order a Vlemmix trailer 7,2m . Even I am living in Brno as of now, i would be happy to discuss or see your progress too. So the whole idea of having "TH hotel" in Czech is really awesome. And in addition it would be great to have a place which is safe and where you can actually try living tiny by your own. If you would be interested, you can past your contact and we can have a chat.

  4. ma 27 mrt 2017 16:43:17 CEST
    D Dan is lid geworden.